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Fridge Repairs

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Trusted for 40+ Years
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Fridge Repairs

Queensland Appliances provides reliable and affordable appliance repairs and installations across South East Queensland, including Brisbane, the Redlands and Logan.

Repairs and Installations

Fridge’s are the one appliance that we have come to heavily rely on to keep our food cold. Nothing worse than coming home to spoilt milk due to a fridge that isn’t cooling properly. We understand how important it is to have you fridge in working order and so we make sure you will always get your fridge or freezer fixed with priority. Our technicians are highly qualified and skilled to repair all kinds of issues that can occur with your fridge. So if you need your fridge fixed asap, you can rely on Queensland Appliances to get the job done.

Fridge appliance repairs & installations

Signs you Need a Fridge Repair

Symptoms you are due for a fridge repair are usually pretty obvious, but the smaller faults that don’t impact your fridge performance should also be attended to early, to prevent a larger repair bill down the track. You need a fridge repair when your:

  • Fridge isn’t cooling
  • Fridge is freezing food
  • Fridge isn’t working
  • Water Dispenser isn’t working
  • Ice maker isn’t working
  • Fridge light is broken
  • Fridge is beeping when you open the door
  • Fridge door won’t seal
  • Freezer isn’t cold enough

Expert Fridge appliance repairs & installations

Fridge Repairs with Queensland Appliances

After you’ve booked your fridge repair, one of our highly skilled and qualified appliance repair technicians will attend to perform a series of tests and inspections to diagnose the fault with your fridge. If parts are required to complete your fridge repair, our technicians do carry a limited range of universal parts in their vans so may be able to repair your fridge on the spot if possible.

If the fridge repair will need a model specific part that the technician doesn’t have on hand, our team will give you a quote to order parts directly from manufacturer suppliers and fit them in your fridge. To return and complete your fridge repair we only charge the quoted amount for labour and parts, there is no second call-out fee!

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